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Carrie Vahidi from Riverside, California says:
When it was time to have my daughter's birthday in March 2014, she specifically asked if Dinky could come back. My son was thrilled! He loved Dinky even more! She came to our house again and performed. Again, she kept all the children and adults entertained for the entire time she was hired for. I was amazed. As a classroom teacher, I wish I had that stamina!

We first met Dinky at our baby shower in 2013. We had a carnival theme and invited families to share the day with us. We needed entertainment so called Rubber Ducky Party Company. They sent out Dinky and we fell in love. She entertained the children and adults alike. She painted EVERYONE's faces! We also ordered balloon animals, but the kids didn't seem to be as interested, so Dinky immediately shifted back to the face painting. Total hit! We appreciated her professionalism-- she was there to entertain and she paid attention to what our guests wanted and then delivered. All were happy.

Both times Dinky showed up on time, ready to work. She stayed the appropriate amount of time, was kind and considerate to all, made everyone smile-- especially my son. We have a picture of my son and Dinky framed on our wall. His smile is so big it makes us smile to see it when we walk by. Absolutely the best in the business! We were thrilled with the company and plan to use them for all our party entertainment. Thank you Rubber Ducky Party Company!!



Kirsten Norwood from Riverside, California says: 
We have used different clowns from Rubber Ducky Party Company several times over the past 7 years and they are all fantastic and really know how to entertain kids. Hiring a clown keeps the kids busy so the adults can visit. My oldest daughter must have Rubber Ducky Party Company at her party, but my other two are too young to choose so we had Dee Dee twice and Nana once. They were all a lot of fun and it's obvious your clowns like children and enjoy what they do.  It's nice to have a variety because the magic shows are different. I was especially impressed that everything the clowns do is so age-appropriate. When Dee Dee came in the middle of summer we had a water slide so we had her arrive three hours after the party started so the kids could get out and dry off for some evening kids entertainment. 

Gladys Nguyen from Diamond Bar, California says:
I'm a first time Mom and friends from play group were at our party. Many of them commented on what a great clown Rubber Ducky Party Company was and wanted to know where I found her.  I highly recommend Rubber Ducky Party Company as the children will be completely entertained and enthralled the whole time, which is a magic feat in itself.

Angelina Rodriguez from Yucaipa, California says: 
We just saw two of your balloon clowns and two of your face painting clowns at my husband's company picnic this last weekend.  Two were doing face painting and two were tying balloon animals.  I just want you to know how cute and talented they are.  The best part is my Son, now 14, recognized Dinky from his 7th birthday party. She was sweet and thoughtful! She came to our party totally self-contained and took care of everything. She face painted, did balloon animals and did a very clever magic show. We had rented a bouncer that was barely used until she left. The kids just hung on Dinky waiting to see what she would do next.  I had children of all ages at the party and every last one of them enjoyed Dinky, including the adults, many of which went home with something special painted on their face.  Thanks Dinky for providing awesome kids entertainment!

Chau Nguyen from Loma Linda, California says: 
We hired Rubber Ducky Party Company for our daughter's 5th birthday party. She arrived on time and greeted my daughter right away and gave her a bracelet. Rubber Ducky Party Company was professional and paid special attention to my daughter, making sure pictures were taken all the way through. Face painting was fantastic with my daughter being painted first. The balloons were extraordinary, again my daughter was first.  During the magic show, which I timed as a half hour, the children were mesmerized by the props and antics, always pointing out what Rubber Ducky Party Company did wrong, which she could never see. She was awesome with the magic show and my daughter helped a lot at the end where I got some memorable pictures. Rubber Ducky Party Company was great and we would definitely hire her again. 

Hadhirah Khan from Eastvale, California says: 
We saw Dee Dee at our friend's party in Chino Hills last year and she was very energetic and sang songs while she did face painting and balloons. My daughter had a beautiful flower painted on her face and got a butterfly balloon. Then six months ago we went to a party where Aunt Bumble Bee did some really fun games with the kids. The adults had just as much fun helping the kids as the kids did playing the games. When I asked my friend for the phone number for her clown I was surprised to find out both clowns worked for Rubber Ducky Party Company the Clown and Friends. I called to book a clown for my younger daughter's 2nd party and asked for Rubber Ducky Party Company but she was already booked. Dinky came out and was very sweet and genuine and my shy 2-year daughter let her be the first person to paint her face.  She was endearing and paid special attention to my daughter and did a fantastic job throughout the whole party. The magic show was fantastic! I would definitely recommend any one of your balloon clowns and face painting clowns to my family and friends.

Monique Garcia from Fontana, California says:
Thank you for sending Bella to my daughter's first birthday party and baptism.  We had family visiting from Mexico who didn't speak English and she made the kids feel included with her fluent Spanish and English.  We had a couple older boys who were a tough audience during the magic show, but she won their hearts.  She was very professional and treated all the kids with respect.  During the show I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the adults watching the kids.  You provided us with wholesome family fun.   

Wei-Min Cui from Redlands, California says:
My husband and I have been taking our three children to Redlands Market Night for 14 years to get their faces painted by Rubber Ducky Party Company the Clown, but lately Goldie has been there.  We have even seen both Petals & Goldie at Chick-fil-A in Moreno Valley. Our children have "clown attachment" to Rubber Ducky Party Company and they think she is their favorite since they have known her longer.  Goldie is a very sweet and talented clown too and she would be their favorite if they would have met her first.  We like to see clowns doing kids entertainment at family-friendly events.  We love clowns so much we recommended that our church hire Petals & Goldie to do face painting and balloon twisting at our Hallelujah Party in October three years ago and they have been doing it ever since.

Angela Ransbury from Corona, California says:
Rubber Ducky Party Company is a great entertainer.  I took my daughter to see her magic show at the Corona Public Library and there were 40-50 kids in the audience.  It was amazing to me how she seemed to have the audience trained to do their bit, yelling the right things at the right time and with such enthusiasm.  And how very appropriate the humor was to the audience.  She built the kids up with her show.  They were not only entertained, but they ended up feeling smart and good about themselves.  She knows how to work the crowd.  Being a teacher myself, we try not to get children too excited, but she got them worked up and going like crazy then she was able to get them back down.  She had kids in the palm of her hand.  They were all so excited to see what would come next.  I enjoyed the show as much as my daughter did.  Great job Rubber Ducky Party Company!

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